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Futuro Web Series

Admission is available as a $19 single ticket or $25 VIP Premium Ticket, which includes premium status an hour before the show, access to our fully furnished lounge to network and relax before the show, complementary crafted beverages, appetizers, and exclusive photo opportunities in the lounge.

In this program

Amor En Cuarentena: The Series

Directed by Eugenia Renteria

Set in the Central Coast, this Spanglish series follows Emi, a funny, dedicated and complicated Mexican-American teacher and hopeless romantic, as she looks for love with the help of friends and family during a global pandemic.

Doggy Bank

Directed by Thales Corrêa

When a broke, dimwitted slacker is hired by a mad philosopher to babysit his pampered pooch, he’s thrown into a world of bizarre incidents and off-kilter life lessons that could turn his dead-end existence around.

Dominicanyork Series: Season 2

Directed by Ariana Rodriguez

DominicanYork is an independent mini web series that dives into the lives of a crew of 8 millennials. Relationships are tested and identities are challenged as they deal with breakups, secrets, find their purpose, and weave through the duality of their Dominican and American upbringing.

Humanized: “Pilot”

Directed by Colin Sevely-Ortiz

Posing as a typical teenager, a humanoid robot must navigate the uncertainty of adolescence in order to conceal a haunting secret.


Directed by Bryan Torresdey

Two naive Brooklyn hipsters set up a “Migrant Integration Initiative” in response to the news that the Texas governor was shipping migrants from Latin America to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What they hoped would be an easy welcome turns into a culture clash for the ages where the artisan Kombucha and the Tequila go flying!

The Universe Conspires

Directed by Leonardo Pintos

It’s Pride in Montevideo and a group of twenty-somethings are trying to find their way at that stage of life when everything is so uncertain: love, friendship, careers, the future… Amidst the partying and chaos there seems to be no chance for Bruno and Bruno to meet. However, the universe conspires.


Directed by Ryan Roman

Together? puts love under a microscope. Take a peek inside several different relationships and be prepared to pick a side.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 23
12:00 pm