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Directed by Diego Vicentini

Cast: Christian McGaffney

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Directed by: Diego Vicentini
Written by: Diego Vicentini
Produced by: Marcel Rasquin, Jorge A. Gonzalez
Cast: Christian McGaffney

Barely escaping the clutches of the oppressive Venezuelan dictatorship, freedom fighter Simón must now combat his trauma and guilt as he builds his case for asylum in order to be able to stay in the USA. To this day, over 7 million Venezuelans have had to leave their home country– the largest exodus in the history of the Western Hemisphere. Award-winning drama Simón is the first film to tell this story.

Simón, a young freedom fighter who faced off against the Venezuelan regime, escapes to Miami and tries to obtain political asylum before he is forcibly sent back home. There he meets Melissa, an American pre-law student who decides to help him with his asylum case, but Simón struggles to open up about his guilt and trauma. Little by little, Simón begins to reveal the events that led to his fleeing the country and giving up the fight for his oppressed people. As time runs out for Simón to obtain asylum, he is faced with the choice to permanently stay in the safety of the US or risk his life going back home to fight with his people for freedom.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Thu, Sep 21
5:30 pm