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Road To Success

Camino Al Exito

Directed by Sebastian Esteban Rodriguez

Cast: Sergio Prina, Benjamin Otero

Directed by: Sebastian Esteban Rodriguez
Written by: Sebastian Esteban Rodriguez
Produced by: Nastassja Bischitz
Cast: Sergio Prina, Benjamin Otero, Paula Carruega

Sebastian Rodríguez’s debut feature narrates the misadventures of a village mechanic who takes to the road with his young nephew so the latter can try out for a soccer club in Buenos Aires.

Hugo has a long-standing wish: to leave his hometown forever. Opportunity strikes when a talent scout comes to town and discovers his nephew, Enzo, inviting him to try out for a soccer team in Buenos Aires. Along with the invitation comes an unsavory deal that will allow Hugo to start a new life in the big city. Hugo and Enzo hit the road in search of their own conflicting destinies.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Wed, Sep 20
3:30 pm