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Directed by Manuel Abramovich

Cast: Lalo Santos

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Directed by: Manuel Abramovich
Written by: Manuel Abramovich, Fernando Krapp, Pío Longo
Produced by: Gema Juárez Allen, David Hurst, Rachel Daisy Ellis
Cast: Lalo Santos

Where does desire go when life turns into a sex show? A porn star struggles with loneliness in Manuel Abramovich’s sensitive feature debut.

Looking to escape his mundane factory job in the mountain town of Oaxaca and make some easy money, Lalo decides to respond to a casting ad for an adult film. With his striking face and dark mustache, he quickly finds himself cast as Emiliano Zapata in an overheated porno retelling of the Mexican Revolution. Though Lalo’s online celebrity begins to skyrocket as he posts videos to Twitter, he finds the demands of the shoot beginning to wear him down, especially at the hands of a pretentious director who takes his cues from Luis Buñuel films. As Lalo navigates his new life as a sex worker, he finds that his rising star does not tame his loneliness.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Thu, Sep 21
10:30 pm