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A Thousand Pines

Directed by Sebastian Diaz, Noam Osband

Directed by: Sebastian Diaz, Noam Osband
Produced by: Sebastian Diaz, Noam Osband

Raymundo Morales leads a crew of Oaxacan tree planters traveling the United States in this intimate portrait of the hidden world of guest workers regrowing America’s forests.

A Thousand Pines follows a crew of 12 Oaxacan tree planters led by Raymundo Morales as they work for the country’s largest reforestation company over the course of one season. As the work mounts, Raymundo balances the job’s demands with the needs of his men and their loved ones back home. Through the voices of the planters and company owners, we learn how the industry turned from American to foreign workers, and how planting went from work people cherished to work people endure.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Wed, Sep 20
5:00 pm