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Winter Ball

Directed by Gardner Grady Hall

Directed by: Gardner Grady Hall

Writer: Gardner Grady Hall

Produced by: Gardner Grady Hall, Alfonso Rodriguez, Eduardo Martinez

Cast: Drew Roy, Stephany Liriano, Harry Lennix, Yaritza Ramirez, Reed Diamond

A minor league pitcher is about to move up to the big leagues – or so he thinks. Instead, he’s sent to the Dominican Republic to play winter baseball and rediscover his baseball heart. Winter Ball is a coming-of-age story that acts as a love letter to the DR and a culture that celebrates life in a way that has helped shape some of the greatest baseball talent in the world.

“America’s pastime” goes to the Dominican Republic, as Winter Ball follows protagonist Gordie (Drew Roy), a rookie pitcher whose path to the Major Leagues is routed through a season on the famously baseball-passionate island. He goes begrudgingly, a semi-Ugly American who speaks no Spanish, plays ball lazily and alienates locals, but undergoes an emotional warm-up, learning Spanish from a love interest (Stephany Liriano) and upping his game—as player and compassionate human in “baseball paradise.”