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The Lost Children of Jarabacoa / Dossier De Ausencias

Directed by Rolando Díaz

Directed by: Rolando Díaz

Writer: Rolando Díaz

Produced by: Rolando Díaz, Alfonso Quiñones

Cast: Judith Rodriguez

On her investigations to reunite an adopted girl with her biological parents, a journalist uncovers stories about the meaning of adoptions, motherly love and the pain of separation in this intense docudrama.

A young journalist searches for a woman, Moraima (now 36), who was given up for adoption when she was two years old and whose family has known nothing about her since. In the process of investigating in a remote area of the Dominican Republic where children being put up for adoption is common, she finds other cases that plunge her into a roller coaster of emotions. The long and complicated investigation leads her to a town, El Seybo, where she will make many discoveries.

Dates & Times


Regal Union Square

Sat, Sep 17
3:00 pm