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Short Documentary Program

In this program

Nowhere Bastards

Directed by Mario González Jiménez

The story of three Mexican rappers in their respective journeys as independent artists, and the harsh life conditions and cultural baggage that ultimately led them to hip-hop as both a type of catharsis as well as a way to represent their communities.

La Perla After Maria

Directed by Clari de Pilar Lewis

Three months after a devastating hurricane hits their island, a small Puerto Rican community remembers the worst event of their lives and recall finding the courage to go on, led by a newfound community bond.

Run The Meter

Directed by Rebecca Blandon

In a time when their livelihood is threatened by the proliferation of app cars roaming the streets, New York City’s yellow taxi drivers are driven to do whatever it takes to cope with the unexpected turn after decades of riding their own American Dream.

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