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Program: Midnight

In this program

The Dreamer

Directed by Lin Que Ayoung

After her brother’s suicide, a young devout Catholic Latina seeks out a Santeria priest in hopes of stopping her nightmares from seeping into her waking life.

Dark Wolf Gang

Directed by Nancy C. Mejia

When a demonically possessed little girl escapes an impromptu exorcism, 16-year-old Efren Lobo becomes a target, and his dysfunctional family is forced to reveal the truth about the ‘family business’.


Directed by Lena Groves

After trying to enter the United States, Luna wakes up to find herself separated from her husband and son. In order to see her family again, she must pass obstacles of immigration processing and break through the barriers of oppression and hatred.


Directed by Kathryn Aidyl

A young forensic photographer develops a sexual attraction to dead bodies.

Blood Stains

Directed by Blake Vaz

Leaving his band and girlfriend behind to become a star in America, an ambitious singer meets a mysterious hitch-hiker who can turn his dream into a nightmare.


Directed by Pedro Urena

In a dystopian future, Desiree must hide an affliction that is now punishable by death by a fascist regime. In an act of desperation, she will do whatever it takes to ensure her and her sons survival.

Luz Marina

Directed by Inga Moren Tapias

A reality show star leaves her family’s TV show fame and unknowingly joins a supernatural cult.

It Comes From The Heavens

Directed by Oldren Romero

In a place where only God bears witness, ten-year-old Angel lives alone with his stepfather, grandfather, and pregnant mother, surrounded by pigs. Angel’s mother, distracted by her son’s bad behavior in school, her husband’s difficult work, the grandfather prostrate in his chair, and her advanced stage of pregnancy, is blind to what is happening beneath the vault of the sky.


Directed by Alessandra Lacorazza

Carolina, a young latinx immigrant who lives alone with her severely depressed mother, is struggling. Her emotionally-draining relationship with her mother coupled with the hostile political environment towards immigrants leaves her feeling increasingly isolated until the suffocating heat behind the barricaded door of a neighborhood sauna becomes her only escape to freedom.

Dates & Times


AMC Empire 25

Thu, Aug 15
9:30 pm