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Program 5: The Struggle Is Real

In this program

Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla

Directed by Carlos Valdivia

Jose’s financial aid runs out a week before a prestigious interview, putting his future in jeopardy.

Processing Station

Directed by Rodrigo Espinosa

When an optimistic man gets run over and dies, he awakes to find the after-life is run like the DMV. More than that, he’s told religion was all real, and a test will determine if he goes to heaven or hell.

Prisoner of Fear

Directed by Dana Abraham

Martin, who outwardly seems to have it all, is struggling with a severe case of social anxiety and teetering on the edge of a complete breakdown. Life takes an unexpected turn, however, when he comes across a flyer with a prescient message.

An Idea

Directed by Juan Paulín

All sorts of things can happen in the search for an idea.


Directed by Ramon Pesante

Chris’s porn addiction prevents him from genuine intimacy with his wife. However, his life takes an embarrassing and hilarious turn after he’s subpoenaed for downloading XXX movies. Now, he must stand before a judge, and his wife, to confront the obsession in court.

The Skin of Yesterday

Directed by Andrew Garcia

A young widower struggles to support his grandmother and his daughter after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Little Con Lili

Directed by Gabriela Garcia Medina

Lili, is a 10 year old Cuban-American girl who should be doing her homework, but instead, decides to enjoy a leisurely afternoon home alone. All’s well, until her mother, Norma, gets fired. When Norma comes home unexpectedly, Lili must hustle to con her mother into believing she’d been doing her homework the entire time.

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