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Program 3: Let The Westside Ride Tonight

In this program

The Confession

Directed by Mario Villasenín

A young couple decides to reveal all their secrets before making a real commitment.

Oakland, Eastside Story

Directed by Oscar Hernandez

A sheltered Mexican-American boy living in East Oakland, Alonzo, breaks his parents’ rules and ventures out with his black neighbor, Juvon. What they encounter leads to the casting of racial prejudice aside in favor of humanity.

The Assistant

Directed by Guil Parreiras

A theatre company purchases a female Latin-American Assistant/Robot. The company’s Director, however, feels entitled to have the Assistant perform anything that is asked of her, leaving the Assistant with no choice but to fight for herself.

Sexo Y Tortillas

Directed by Priscilla Alvarez

An American traveling saleswoman flies to a small town in Mexico to visit her estranged auntie. What she sells shocks the culture and vibrates the town, but it also brings women together.


Directed by Jhonatan Tabares

Juan and Marian decide to try couple’s therapy to save their marriage. As they share their secrets and unveil the increasingly monstrous sexual perversions and fetisishts that unite them, it becomes clear that their therapist may not make it out of their first session alive…

Our Home

Directed by Andy Alvarez

A Latin American family is celebrating the birthday of their youngest child, until they are rudely interrupted by two immigration officers.

The Serenade

Directed by Adelina Anthony

When their son requests a love song for another boy, two parents struggle with their fears and their beloved Mexican musical tradition.


Directed by Timur Bootzin

Two best friends struggle with loyalty, friendship, and family in an unforgiving neighborhood where their older brothers are the leaders rival street gangs. Sometimes your best friend is your ‘hermano’.

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