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Program 2: Not All Superheros Wear Capes

In this program

The Rafter

Directed by Jose Navas

Nearly five years have passed since the Castro administration took office in Cuba, and the country is in a state of darkness and oppression. Freedom has been stripped from its people and daily life has been punctured by harassment and executions at the hands of Castro’s National Police. After his childhood friend is violently killed in an altercation with a Castro sympathizer, 21 year old Reinaldo realizes he must find a way out and regain his freedom at any cost.


Directed by J. Anthony Roman

In this meditation on recidivism Sebastion, recently released from prison, must find a way to provide for his family in a world where he is systematically mistrusted.

Good Mothers

Directed by Kenzie Elizabeth, Lorena Diaz, Wendy Mateo

To her adult daughters Amada and Altagracia, Mami is dead but not forgotten. In an attempt to honor Mami’s birthday, the two women build a pimped out altar any Santera would be proud of and, in the process, unwittingly open a door to the spirit world that forces the sisters to reconnect with Mami and all of her “constructive criticism.”


Directed by Victor Solo Greene

A Latino boy sets out on a search to find his immigrant mother after she purposely abandons him at a playground.


Directed by Rafael Souza

A young Hispanic teen must confront his family and overcome his own immaturity when his girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant.

Lost At Shore

Directed by Erick Tran

During a trip to the beach, a young boy realizes that his desire to ride a skimboard is easier said than done as he encounters an unlikely adversary – a seagull who feels the need to mock him.

Amor De Madre

Directed by Wasly Castillo

An invitation to hangout after a basketball game forces Anthony, a young man trying to spread his wings, to finally confront his protective and overbearing mother.


Directed by Eddie Mujica

Set in the near-future, a Latino comes home one day to discover he’s been replaced by a “whiter” version of himself.

I Am Superman

Directed by Rodrigo Batista

Lucas, 7, black, goes to a birthday party as Superman. Eric, 7, white, the birthday kid, had the same idea. Now they will do anything to prove who is the real Man of Steel.

The Land We Live In

Directed by Diego Quintero, Marco Aurelio Celis

To find happiness and achieve the American dream. Ustin (Haiti) and Douglas (Honduras) recite a poem in which they express their feelings and frustrations after having made a long journey to reach the city of Tijuana.

Full Beat

Directed by Kase Pena

A Transgender youth, resentful of having to spend court-ordered time with her unaccepting dad, finds an unlikely ally in his fiancé.

Dates & Times


AMC Empire 25

Fri, Aug 16
10:15 pm