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New York Latino Film Festival


64 mins



In This Program

  1. Civic Mind

    Adonis Williams / USA / 20 mins
    A teenage NYPD volunteer goes undercover to purchase alcohol and other items not permitted to be sold to minors.

  2. Her Move Next

    Ian Phillips / USA / 18 mins
    The top all-girls scholastic Chess Team in the U.S.A. is profiled in this short documentary by Ian Phillips.

  3. Instinct

    Maria Alice Arida / USA / 18 mins
    A psychosexual thriller about Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner who meets a dangerously seductive performance artist and discovers they have more in common than expected.

  4. A Nice Guy

    Hamad Al-Tourah / USA / 8 mins
    Dana finds it difficult to imagine herself in a relationship after being sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

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