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New York Latino Film Festival

Shorts Program 4

Shorts / 79 mins

New York Latino Film Festival
Shorts Program 4

Cinépolis Chelsea
Saturday, Oct. 14 10:50pm Buy Tickets


She persisted, the power of women.

In This Program

  1. No Le Di A Gus

    Jeff Lucky / USA / 13 mins
    A young woman relives moments of her turbulent relationship as she prepares to make the biggest decision of her life.

  2. So Far From God

    Bret Polish / USA / 14 mins
    Determined to find her father in the U.S., a rebellious Mexican teen risks her life to make a perilous solo journey hiding in a truck with 15 undocumented immigrants and a limited air supply.

  3. Ceviche

    Domenica Garcia / Mexico / 9 mins
    Through individual cooking tasks, five women unearth the emotions behind meal preparation. They celebrate the process and shine a light on the other world that hides within a ceviche cart.

  4. Sueños Americanos

    Josue Oropeza / Mexico / 4 mins
    A mood piece that highlights the lives of the children who panhandle at the San Ysidro Port of entry- those who dream of crossing the border into the U.S.A. to live the American Dream.

  5. Grapes

    Ramon Pesante / USA / 7 mins
    After an evening of of booze and weed Ray, our stoner protagonist, stumbles home only to be intercepted by his vexing grandmother who seizes the opportunity to give him a much unwanted Spanish lesson. In this battle of the generations, the ungrateful pothead attempts to solve the riddles of his shrewd abuela while our lord and savior looks on.

  6. Solëdad

    Jon Navarro / USA / 5 mins
    A woman revisits the place filled with her happiest moments and most tragic memory, and in a moment of solitude decides to let go of it all and take a leap of faith.

  7. Alterations

    Directed by: Juan Carlos Zaldivar / USA / 18 mins
    Alterations is a short comedy that follows J (an adolescent trans women previously known as Jesus), as she sets out to reconnect with her amnesic mother for the first as a woman.

  8. To Infinity

    Gabriel Savodivker / USA / 13 mins
    A dying father helps his young daughter carry out an imaginary mission into space to reunited with her mother, ultimately leading to an unimaginable revelation.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 4

Cinépolis Chelsea
Saturday, Oct. 14 10:50pm Buy Tickets