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New York Latino Film Festival

Shorts Program 1

Shorts / 89 mins

New York Latino Film Festival
Shorts Program 1

Cinépolis Chelsea
Thursday, Oct. 12 6:00pm Buy Tickets


From Redemption To Indentured Servants.

In This Program

  1. Redemption

    Cesar Encalada / USA / 18 mins
    Winter 1886: After gunning down the authorities of their local town, three outlawed brothers flee North towards the border. Exhausted and without resources, they plan to raid a sick man’s farmhouse, only to be confronted with past demons and overwhelming lust for revenge.

  2. La Cucarachita Mandi

    Martanoemí Noriega / Panama / 9 mins
    One morning while cleaning her house, our cockroach heroine finds a small treasure and begins to fantasize what the future holds. Surrounded by the pressure to get married, she imagines that she is the jury on a matchmaking reality show that will help her discover what she truly wants.

  3. El Último Beso

    Michael Jaffer / United Kingdom / 4 mins
    The morning after a night of passion...

  4. In A Parallel World

    Mario Genel / USA / 13 mins
    In a parallel world a homeless American man flees a deep crisis in his homeland, only to be met with bigger challenges as he crosses into Mexico.

  5. Some Bad News

    Alain Alfaro / USA / 8 mins
    A routine visit to the doctor turns dire when some bad news forces Eduardo to make a very hard decision.

  6. Fluff

    Directed by: Zoe Salicrup Junco / USA / 18 mins
    The loss of a dear family member forces a young woman and her mother to close a chapter in their lives, whether or not they are ready to let go.

  7. Bebé

    Ryan Zaragoza / USA / 15 mins
    A young illegal immigrant crosses the border with a lunchbox full of cash in search of a wealthy American family.

  8. Indentured Servant

    Bobby DeJesus / USA / 14 mins
    Detective Aquile Rodriguez finds himself at a crossroad after he is accidentally robbed by a clearly troubled teen one night in the park. Does he do his job and destroy this kid’s life or does he follow his heart and try to find him help? Regardless of his decision, rest assured he will teach the teen a lifelong lesson.

Dates & Times

Shorts Program 1

Cinépolis Chelsea
Thursday, Oct. 12 6:00pm Buy Tickets